A scalable circular solution
for your business

Consumption is changing. Following many other industries consumer demand for consumer goods is moving from ownership to access. Circular access solutions will be the future of user consumption. 

ihopa is innovating into business models that enable companies to offer their products in a circular model to their customers. 

  • Reach new segments
  • Circular demand is growing
  • Sustainability branding
  • An efficient way to test circular solutions

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ihopa for brands

ihopa for BRFs and real estate

ihopa for ecommerce

Your products in our sharing hubs

Reach new segments with a new concept. In the ihopa sharing hubs we provide access to premium shared products in a fully managed way. 

  • Shopping malls
  • BRFS
  • Villa areas
  • Business parks

A sharing hub for your tenants

The ihopa sharing hubs is perfect for your community. Your tenants get access to premium products for a small monthly subscription. We can offer a wide variety of products and hub sizes. 

  • Shopping malls
  • BRFS
  • Villa areas
  • Business parks

Co-buying option in for your store

Make your products more reachable with selling them to groups of buyers. With our widget you can directly sell to groups of friends or neighbours. And thats not all, after the group purchase the consumers stay connected with you by using our sharing app. 

  • E-commerce or in-store
  • Reach new segments
  • Stay connected to your costumers
  • The only buying option that makes premium products more affordable

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