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ihopa is on a mission to scale group consumption to its full potential. By making sharing of a wide variety of products easy and secure we are creating a real sustainable alternative to buying. 

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March 2021: ihopa partners up with Husqvarna and Gardena to offer
premium gardening machines in it’s neighbourhood boxes 

March 2021: ihopa is launching it’s new neighbourhood box offering

March 2021: ihopa is joining Sting, the Nordics best accelerator network

August 2020: ihopa launches new sharing hub concept in Stockholm 

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The team behind ihopa

We will only scale sustainable consumption if we innovate alternatives that are more attractive than the current way to do things. We will not be able to convince enough people to make a personal sacrifice but we will motivate enough by simply better value. 



Sharing must be made fun and cool to really go mainstream and have an impact. Our users enjoy sharing and bring more and more users in themselves. We are blessed to have many fans under our users that really push us forward to provide the best value in sharing. 



Sharing does not only have a sustainability potential. Our partners know that consumers are looking for new consumption models and product as a service will play a big role in that future. We support them with our scalable solution on this journey.



Technology is THE enabler for the sharing economy. It makes it possible to share in an efficient way. We will only get better to improve the efficiency of every single product we put out there, making access more affordable and reducing the ecological footprint. 

Vlad Mihuta


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